Web Transfer

Transfer information and guide

What we can do?

When purchasing hosting services from us, along with the features provided we also include a free Web Transfer from any different hosting provider.

To help in transfering the data as fast as possible, you need to follow a few steps:

  1. Prepare a backup link for us to download it to our server.
    • In case you need us to do the backup, please provide access details to manually create the backup for you.
  2. Contact us on our Support System and submit a ticket requesting to restore the specific backup to your hosting account with us.
  3. In the ticket request, please include:

    • Your last paid invoice# (eg. WFWEF-123456) number for security reasons
    • Your account username where the backup needs restored
    • The backup link or access details for us to download the backup.

What we can not do?

  • No backup provided
  • There are specific cases where your website is created with a SiteBuilder, or relies on specific features we do not provide, in such cases you would need to recreate the entire website manually.

    At the same time, if the client does not provide a backup or access details to the old hosting provider to create a backup, unfortunately we can not assist and client needs to recreate the entire website manually.

  • Merging 2 or more cPanel accounts
  • There are also cases where you believe you wish to merge two cPanel accounts, this again is not possible unfortunately. You would need to manually transfer the data in such cases.

Web Migration

Thinking Switching Host?

Give us a chance to enable you to begin and give you the following features:

  • FREE Domain Name For Life
  • FREE e-Commerce Shopping Carts
  • FREE SiteBuilder
  • Migration Assistance *
  • Fast Setup!
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