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Server Upgrades

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Dear All, Hello from and iFastNet providers of the servers and hosting infrastructure to !

I hope you had a fantastic new year! Now all the dust has settled the iFastNet team has been hard at work adding hundreds of SSD drives to our new 32 core Intel Xeon servers, even our server doctors can not believe how FAST they are running! With all this new super-fast server space we have discounted the annual/yearly Super Premium and Ultimate premium hosting plans by over 20% In addition to this discount we are offering you the best chance ever to upgrade your free hosting account to iFastNet and get another 10% discount: FASTSSD

Use this coupon code at the checkout of to buy a new web hosting plan and we will provide hosting on our brand new cluster of 32 CPU core super SSD servers! Guaranteed to make your site blazing fast and rank awesomely in search engines. Every premium hosting plan includes a FREE top-level domain to get your new site online without any complications. FREE SSL certificates are provided on every domain you host with us for maximum HTTPS security and search rankings. Don't miss your chance to get this extra 10% off hosting and a free domain from on our super-fast new servers! Use the FASTSSD coupon at: Thanks for reading!