What is softaculous apps installer

Softaculous application installer is an auto script installer that installs the most popular PHP, JavaScript, Perl applications in a few clicks. When using the Softaculus Apps Installer, you don’t have to manually install applications by first uploading files to create a database and then installing them. But you can install them in just a few clicks.

To access in cPanel Softaculous Apps Installer, you can find the Softaculous Apps Installer link in the Softaculous Apps Installer section of the cPanel home page. Then click the Softaculous Apps Installer, it will open in the new browser tap.

This new browser tap will take you to the app installer interface as shown below.

Application install using Softaculous Apps Installer

To install an application from the Softaculus App Installer from the search box on the left or click on any section. You can then select the application you want to install.

Click the Install button and follow the instructions that follow to install the WordPress blog directly into your website. After being installed showing the message “Congratulations, the software was installed successfully”.

Create a backup any applications

You can easily create a backup of your application using the Softaculous Application Installer to restore it to your account later. To make a backup of your application you need to go through the list of all installation sections of your Softaculous application installer. Click the icon at the top of the navigation bar to open all installations. In all installations, you will find a list of all the applications that have been installed by the Softaculous application installer.

In the top navigation menu clicks the backup icon to create an automatic backup of the entire application installation. This backup will include all the files, databases, and configurations of the application. You can always restore the app by going to the Backup and Restore interface of the Softacalus app installer, which can be opened by clicking on the Backup and Restore icon from the top navigation menu.

Popular application categories

Softacalus application installer supported are many categories application there are Blog, Portals and CMS, Forums, Image galleries, Wikis, Social networking, Ad management, Calendars, Mail, Polls and analytics, Project management, e-Commerce, CRMs, Customer support, Frameworks, Education, File Management, Database tools, Video, RSS, Miscellaneous applications etc.

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