How to get free unlimited web hosting

free unlimited web hosting

In this tutorial, I’m going to show how can you get a free unlimited web hosting to us. Please be patient to get hosting free unlimited with free cPanel hosting. Here, We will discuss to get a free cPanel hosting that you can use PHP, MySQL. You can use PHP as a server side language and MySQL as a Database that is SQL (Standard query language).

One important things that you will get the Softaculous app installer. So, If you want to install WordPress just need to few clicks to install a website.

Signup to get a free unlimited web hosting

First of all, You need to register an account to You can get a signup tutorial from here.

Ther, you need to input your name, email address, password, country and so on.

After signup process is end, you need to login to your account.


To log in to your account, you can visit the login link or you can follow our login tutorial page. There, you need to input your email address and password. If your email address do not verifyed. You will get an option to resend a signup verification email to your registrated email address. I assume that you have to completed al of the process.

Place an order

Order place

After login into your account you can visit to order page by our menubar or you can click on the order link. Here, you can use your custom domain or we provide our website subdomain. If you want to use your custom domain then you should select the custom domain tab, by default it wil be selected. Howover, If you do not have your own domain you can use order free subdomain that you can use for lifetime. your do not need to pay any amount of money, Its completely free that we will provide to you.

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